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Dear Admissions Committee:

Having worked with Mr. Xiao Xiao for three years at ABC Technology, I am very glad to recommend him for [WHAT PROGRAM? WHERE?] As his supervisor, I have enjoyed a close acquaintance with him and, frankly speaking, Mr. Xiao is one of most excellent researchers that I have ever seen.

It is not easy for a new graduate to get into our company, the largest telecommunications company in Asia. We were immediately impressed, though, by Mr. Xiao"s exceptionally outstanding performance in university. As an undergraduate, he was invited to enter our company at the master"s-degree salary level, and that confidence was rewarded with his very creative and knowledgeable mind. Though there are many master"s or doctoral candidates in my team, Mr. Xiao"s performance has been the best of all. Alone among all his teammates, he earned straight As during his probationary period.

Mr. Xiao"s first engagement was in the Data Communication R&D department at ABC Technology, where he worked on the BAS(Broadband Access Server) design used in HSR(High-speed Switch Route). He was in charge of the ATM Access of FR(Frame Relay) and independently designed a system providing eight channels of FR input interfaces. The system will encapsulate the frames into AAL5cells, and connect to HSR after being combined with other access units(. DDN, LAN Emulation, PSDN ).

Mr. Xiao proved to be a very diligent person, often working for several days without leaving the lab and sleeping on the couch when tired. As a result, In just four months he realized the access of Frame Relay from LAN to ATM cell with the optional bandwidth and priority packages. Now, our HSR has provided for multiple countries, as Thailand, Laos, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Algeria, etc. In China, this product has a market share of more than70% in this product field, bringing huge profits to our company.

In January2000, Mr. Xiao began work in wireless telecommunication, focused on the base station(NodeB) research in3G WCDMA. NodeB is responsible for the mobility of user terminals at the access layer, supporting various services such as multimedia and voice or data. Thanks to his solid track record in the development process, he earned a promotion to team manager in September2000 leading the MPU(Main Processor Unit) team. The MPU, based on the ATM switch platform, will encapsulate the control plane information into AAL5cells as well as the user plane message into AAL2cells. Finally, these ATM cells will be sent to RNC(Radio Network controller) by IMA(Inverse Multiplexing For ATM) channel. The performance of this new product can match those in MOTOROLA, NOKIA, NEC, and NORTEL, but it is much cheaper. This design is a very successful product of our company, and, in leading their development, Mr. Xiao demonstrated great patience, persistence, and a strong sense of responsibility. In2001, Mr. Xiao earned the honor of "outstanding team leader" in our company through a highly competitive election that honors only two percent of team managers.

During his three years here, Mr. Xiao has shown great talent in creation and invention. As an acknowledged expert in embedded operating systems, he has got four patents for ABC Technology, all of which are widely applied in hardware design and algorithms. Mr. Xiao is also known as the top expert in Verilog and VHDL at the Shanghai R&D center. He is the youngest department manager in Shanghai R&D Center, and his creativity, intelligence, and diligence made him more capable than most doctors. I truly regret letting such an excellent member go, but I am willing to make this recommendation to help such a vigorous and promising young man develop his potential fully. For any more information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,




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