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Zhengzhou University

100 Kexue Road ,Zhengzhou, , Henan,

450001, P. R. China

Tel: +86 371 67781709

Fax: +86 371 67781706

16th Oct. 20XX

This is to officially confirm that Mr. SSSSSSSSS (Student ID No. XXXXXXXX), male, born on

XXth Apr. XXXX, is a senior Master student majoring in Solid Mechanics in College of School of

Mechanics & Engineering Science at Zhengzhou University (ZZU) in Zhengzhou, Peoples

Republic of China. He will graduate from ZZU in July 2012 with Master degree.

He has been preliminarily shortlisted by ZZU to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarships

for Postgraduates (CGSP) Project Scholarship administered by the China Scholarship Council

(CSC), a non-profit institution with legal person status affiliated with the Ministry of Education, to

pursue his PhD study in overseas universities. This project aims at training the best students under

the best supervisors in the best universities or the best laboratories in the world, and at the same time,

providing chances for Chinese Universities and professors to develop international scientific

exchanges and collaborations with overseas partners.

The scholarship, if finally approved by CSC, will cover one return international airfare and up to

36~48 months of living expenses for his PhD study abroad. The costs including tuition, research

and other relevant fees to support his academic and research activities would be borne by the host

University or the host professors.

This is important to note that at this stage, the student has just passed the selection (very strict and

competitive) inside ZZU, whether he can finally receive the scholarship will be decided by the

evaluation panel organized by CSC after the student submit the application package. Inside the

application package, the accept letter or confirmation letter for his admission into overseas

university with waiver or funds to cover tuition fee is required to make him eligible and successful

for the scholarship.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of this project and the student’s application.

Graduate School

Zhengzhou University(Seal)

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